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Mission & History

The mission of the Kansas City Kansas Special Olympics is to provide opportunities through sports, activities and special event venues which will encourage, inspire, and provide a rewarding lifestyle for those that are mentally and physically challenged. 

The Mission of the KCK Huggers, Inc./Special Olympics has a two-prong focus. The first focus is to provide education, physical fitness, sports training, and athletic competition for our clients who have intellectual disabilities. The second focus is to provide opportunities and sometimes training for these same clients to have educational experiences where they can learn to adapt themselves and their behavior(s) to the world around them. 

FOCUS ONE: We endeavor to provide meaningful, challenging, and attainable experiences through education, physical fitness programs, sports training, and athletic competition on local, regional, and state programs and competitions. 

Programs currently being offered include: Softball, Basketball, Bowling, and Track and Field. 

We offer training programs in each of these athletic programs for lay and professional persons who are interested in assisting persons with intellectual disabilities. We also provide materials and technical assistance to other organizations that are interested in developing programs for their intellectually disabled clients. 

We also offer opportunities for the general public to learn about the life of the intellectually disabled. In addition to these opportunities, we seek for qualified persons who are dedicated to helping us provide these services to our clients. 

FOCUS TWO: We endeavor to provide meaningful, challenging, and attainable experiences through educational programs directed at assisting our clients in developing their behavior(s) in social situations. 

Social experiences currently being offered: Christmas Dinner and Dance; Halloween Party; Spring, Summer and Fall Picnic; Spring and Fall Fishing trips; St. Patrick’s Dance; and Pizza/Pool party. Educational trips include one to three day trips, trips around our region and across the state for athletic competitions. We also hope to offer mini-vacations for some of our clients.  We offer Boy Scout programming and training through our own chartered Troop 133.

It is through these experiences that our clients learn to be responsible for themselves: In packing their own suitcases, making sure they have the proper toiletries, handling their own money (budgeting), getting along with others for extended periods of time (rooming with one or two others), and simply experiencing the enjoyment of travel that is “life as usual” for most of the rest of the world. 

Where We Go... 

Special Olympics athletes practice together, play together and travel together to competitions throughout the state.