Kansas City Kansas HUGGERS


We are a group of your neighbors who enjoy life to the fullest because of the KCK Huggers, Inc. They make it possible for us to develop ourselves socially, in relationships with all peoples, physically through a variety of sports designed for all age groups. But, that is not all there is. They also arrange outings for us to go to nice restaurants and a movie, dinner theatres, day trips like to Branson, MO, bingo game nights, pool parties, Oceans & Worlds of Fun.

If you, or someone you know is a special needs person, please contact our office and we will share with you more about the programs available.

We have two numbers you may call: Anne - 573-8331 or Sharon 573-8356

Our mailing address is 5033 State Ave., Kansas City, KS 66104
We look forward to visiting with you and having you or your friend join us.


The Board of Directors has established a scholarship fund for clients participating in the various sports programs. A scholarship for any of the sports is $70.00. The athletes will practice for twelve weeks, receive team shirts, and participate in three tournaments. We anticipate 25-30 athletes to apply for either partial or full scholarships. You may invest in any of the sports we offer - basketball, track and field, softball and bowling.


About the Huggers

The Kansas City Kansas Huggers,Inc.

The Kansas City Kansas Huggers, Inc. are the proud sponsors of the Kansas City Kansas Special Olympic teams of the Kings and Timberwolves and Wolf Pups. These teams compete in Bowling, Basketball, Track & Field and Softball.
We are so much more than just sports. We also provide an exciting and fun training arena for correct social behavior and help provide guidance in interpersonal relationship skills. Our classes allow the individual to express their own talents through arts and crafts, music, and physical fitness. Dances, dinners, themed parties, and day trips to exciting events or locations are also available. 

This year we are sponsoring our own Boy Scout Troop 133 under the leadership of Scoutmaster John McBurney.  The Troop meets every Tuesday evening at Kensington Parks & Recreation Annex building from 6:30-8:00pm.  Parents and/or guardians are encouraged to come and be a part of this program. 

Please contact us for more information:
Anne Phillips, Executive Director
5033 State Ave.
Kansas City, KS 66102

About the Special Olympics

Special Olympics is an unprecedented global movement which, through education, quality sports training and competition, improves the lives of people with intellectual disabilities and, in turn, the lives of everyone they touch.

• Special Olympics empowers people with intellectual disabilities to realize their full potential and develop their skills through year-round sports training and competition.

• As a result, Special Olympics athletes become fulfilled and productive members of their families and the communities in which they live.

• Special Olympics is an experience that is energizing, healthy, skillful, welcoming and joyful.